Friday, April 17, 2009

Project base in KLCC

Starting from today onward, i will be base in KLCC for my company new project. Dunno until when. I feel very tired, restless and uncomfortable (yeah its other people place right, if u want to watch me quiet & innocent, u can come here & look at me hahaha)

So starting from today my schedule is like 7am i will go out from Nilai then reach office at least before 7.45, then will move to KLCC by my company car together with all my collegue from the office (unless there is a meeting at office in the morning). Reach KLCC about 8.30 am then will go home at 5 - 5.30 pm (unless have a meeting in the evening at office like today, i need to go back to office because our boss call for meeting at 6pm). Very tired.

But today, i very tension. We rushed from KLCC. At 4.30pm we already start to pack and ask permission from our client to go back earlier. Suddenly, when reach the office and wait untill pass 6 , our boss called & said the meeting is canceled & will be held monday morning at 8.30am. Just easy as that. How selfish she & he is. She can cancel whenever they want & just can called to inform whenever they want. Do they think that our life is only for them. Hello sir!!!!! Our family still owned our life okay is not YOUUUUUU.

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