Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Change again .....

Today is my last day with IRIS. Honestly is the best moment and 1 of the good company to work with. It just because of 1 lady and the scope of work not match my interest & skill, i made the biggest & hard decision. Its very difficult to left the team while the project is in the hardest time. But how can i let go the good offer, while i cannot stand any longer to work with the lady.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bertambah Usia ......

Alhamdulillah hari lahir aku jatuh pd jumaat tahun nie. Semoga hidup aku akan terus diberkati & dipermudahkan dgn izin ALLAH, insyaALLAH aminnnnn. Hari nie aku cuti menghabiskan baki2 cuti aku yg ader. Nak pegi keje pun dah xde mood lagi2 dah nak resign nie kan.

Bertambah setahun lg umur aku. I'm still the same Azyyati. Single & available (bukan nk promote diri sendiri ek). I'm happy to have a such wonderful family & friends who understand me & be there for me. Year by year no. of my friends is increasing, even they come & go but we still keep in touch thru internet especially fb. Thank you very much kerana sudi jd kwn kepada seorang hamba ALLAH yg bernama Azyyati nie.

Dah tua2 nie beday celebration pun biasa2 jer. As early at 12.01 am i received wishes from my parents & siblings together with a beautiful card. Lunch hour, i went out to meet Murnida, Molly & Yun Jane (sorry kalau salah eja) at Loving Hut Sri Petaling. Thanks Molly for the beautiful beday's cake. Delicious !!!.

In the evening, went out with Aziah. Picking up my mom's corelle set at Kajang and buying my beday present at Metro Kajang. At the end of the day, i felt very satisfied & happy. Hoping it will last long.