Friday, April 3, 2009

Exam Day

This morning, i sit for the exam. I already do my best & now i just pray i could pass the exam. After the exam finished at noon. I and my 2 colleague just walk to Pavillion nearby. This is my first time visit to Pavillion. As i didn't lived at Tmn Tun anymore, so its quite long time i didn't visit to Bukit Bintang area. Since i move to Nilai 2 years back, i only go to Time Square twice. Just imagine. Luckily i bring my camera today. I can snap pictures of my first time to Pavillion hahahaha. And dunno when i will be here back hehe.

At 1pm with rush back to office, as our boss already registed our name for this talk. How pity are us. Just cannot relax. At the talk, i really tired and fall asleep huhuhu.

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Mrs LVoe said...

i know u can do it dear. mane p mghilang