Sunday, April 19, 2009


KLIBF ( Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair ) . Aku gi siang tadi ngan adik2 pompuan aku & adik lelaki aku yg bongsu. Banyak giler booth. Sepangjang pergi nyer aku ke pesta2 buku x pernah sebesar ini & sebanyak ini booth dier . Penat giler. Selalu kalau aku sampai tepat kul 9 or 10 ms pintu baru nak bukak x de ramai mana ler umat2 manusia. Tp ari nie terkejut aku ramai nyerrrrr. Letih tul aku nak mengharung lautan manusia ..... sib baik aku x pitam. Dalam aku dok pening mengharung lautan umat manusia tu sempat gak ler aku rembat 2 novel kat dalam pics tu. Hehehehe dalam2 x de duit sempat lg aku nie beli novel. Lalu company nyer booth aku buat2 x nampak and x singgah pun. Sampai tul ati aku kan ..... npk jer si adli, jeff & amir tp ntah naper aku cam x de ati nak singgah & tegur. Lagipun aku dh letih giler . Dalam kepala nak cepat abiskan journey aku dalam pesta buku tu and balik . Kaki aku nie kepala lutut tapak sume dh mcm nak tercabut huhuhuhu. Balik sampai ghumah mmg aku pengsan keletihan.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Project base in KLCC

Starting from today onward, i will be base in KLCC for my company new project. Dunno until when. I feel very tired, restless and uncomfortable (yeah its other people place right, if u want to watch me quiet & innocent, u can come here & look at me hahaha)

So starting from today my schedule is like 7am i will go out from Nilai then reach office at least before 7.45, then will move to KLCC by my company car together with all my collegue from the office (unless there is a meeting at office in the morning). Reach KLCC about 8.30 am then will go home at 5 - 5.30 pm (unless have a meeting in the evening at office like today, i need to go back to office because our boss call for meeting at 6pm). Very tired.

But today, i very tension. We rushed from KLCC. At 4.30pm we already start to pack and ask permission from our client to go back earlier. Suddenly, when reach the office and wait untill pass 6 , our boss called & said the meeting is canceled & will be held monday morning at 8.30am. Just easy as that. How selfish she & he is. She can cancel whenever they want & just can called to inform whenever they want. Do they think that our life is only for them. Hello sir!!!!! Our family still owned our life okay is not YOUUUUUU.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Are u stylish?

I got this quiz from my fren nisha, just try it here
Honestly i'm not a stylish person, i try to be stylish when i go to work but not when i go out for shopping or other activity. Sometimes i feel like to be a stylish person but it just cannot be ...... because i feel uncomfortable if i wearing proper or stylish dress ..... for me t-shirt & jeans already comfortable for me ...... and this quiz is very true ..... here the answer that i get

You Are Not Stylish
To be honest, you think fashion is a complete waste of time.You don't really care about how you dress, and those who do are simply superficial.While you don't have to look like you stepped out of a magazine, maybe you should update your wardrobe.People treat you better when you look better. Besides, it's fun to express your personal style!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No Life

Farah dearie and all my luvly frens, sorry its quite a long time didn't update this blog and there is no any news from me ..... i'm very busy right now with my working life ..... i'm involve with my company new project ..... at early stage i'm only a backup person but unfortunately right now i also become 1 of the team ..... i dunno when this project will end but as far as i know and aware as long as i'm still with this project all my anual leave is freeze huhuhu so sad ..... they targeting this project for 6 months and my portion is about 3 & half months .... right now is already april .... . is it possible for me to attend my fren wedding on june at kedah ..... pity of me ..... i really headache to think that every holiday that i plan with my family had to be cancel ...... i'm very sad to disappoint my family huhuhu ....

Friday, April 10, 2009

15 hours working day

Now is 11.38 pm, just came back from ofice. What a tired day, working from 7.45 am to 10.30 pm. Having my meeting from 3.00 pm to 10.30 pm without having dinner just only break for pray, some 'kuih', biscuits & 1 each muffin. So hungry and tired. My mind is already blank towards end of the meeting. Everything seems like empty , zero ..... nothing that my bos said can input in my mind. Right now after taking my bath , i just want to go to sleep & rest . Good nite everyone.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

Exam Day

This morning, i sit for the exam. I already do my best & now i just pray i could pass the exam. After the exam finished at noon. I and my 2 colleague just walk to Pavillion nearby. This is my first time visit to Pavillion. As i didn't lived at Tmn Tun anymore, so its quite long time i didn't visit to Bukit Bintang area. Since i move to Nilai 2 years back, i only go to Time Square twice. Just imagine. Luckily i bring my camera today. I can snap pictures of my first time to Pavillion hahahaha. And dunno when i will be here back hehe.

At 1pm with rush back to office, as our boss already registed our name for this talk. How pity are us. Just cannot relax. At the talk, i really tired and fall asleep huhuhu.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

last day of training

my trainer & classmates

Today is the last day of training & tomorrow is exam. Ya ALLAH, i hope i can do my best for tomorrow. So far this is the best training i ever had. The best trainer & good classmates. Even we just knowing for 1 week but i felt just like a long time already. I do hope i can pass this exam. If not what a shame of me, i'm a tester but i can't pass the exam. I'm really scared to death right now. Everything is out of control right now, my emotion, my mind huhuhu.

Eccucino Restaurant
this is the restaurant that we had our lunch for this 4 days, the menu superb but towards the 4th day i don't have appetite to eat anymore