Wednesday, December 31, 2014

KBS Drama Awards 2014 winners (Live)

MC : Park Min Young, Seo In Guk

Best Child Actor : Kwak Dong Yeon (Inspiring Generation) (Drama Special - Middle School Student A)

Best Child Actress :
(i) Ahn Seo Yun (One-Sided Dandelion)

(ii) Hong Hwa Ri (Wonderful Days)

One-Act Special Excellence Actor : Jo Dal Hwan (Drama Special - Ugly Love)
One-Act Special Excellence Actress : Kim So Hyun (Drama Special - We All Cry Differently)

Best Supporting Actor :Shin Sung Rok (Trot Lovers) (The King's Face)
Best Supporting Actress :
(i) Lee Chae Young (Two Mothers)
(ii) Han Eun Jung (Blade Man) (Golden Cross)

Netizen Award :
(i) Moon Jung Hyuk @ Eric (Discovery of Love)
(ii) Jung Yu Mi (Discovery of Love)

Best Rookie Actor :
(i) Seo In Gook (The King's Face)
(ii) Park Hyung Shik (What Happen to My Family?)
Best Rookie Actress
(i) Kim Seul Gi (Discovery of Love) (Drama Special - I'll Die Soon)
(ii) Nam Ji Hyun (What Happen to My Family?)

Popularity Award :
(i) Joo Won (Nae Il's Cantabile)

(ii) Ji Chang Wook (Healer)
(iii) Lee Da Hee (Big Man)
(iv) Jung Eun Ji (Trot Lovers)

PD Choosen Actor Award : Jo Jae Hyun (Jeong Do Jeon)

Lifetime Achievement Award : Kim Ja Ok

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards delayed LIVE (without subtitle)

Currently watching 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards delayed LIVE at 8TV (ch708). Missed the LIVE show at channel M (ch390) at Astro just now.

The sow started with the dance performance by Beat Box and Dancing9. Then continue with the performance from Bobby + DOK2 + YGGR + The Qquiett + Masta Wu. The HOST for this year is actor SONG SEUNG HEON.

Trophy Presenter : Ann Jaehyeon & Park Minwoo

Best New Artist : WINNER

Trophy Presenter : Yeon Woojin & Han Groo
Best Dance Performance Solo : Sunmi (Full Moon)

Performance :
(i) Girl's Day & Ailee (Last Fantasy) (Problem)
(ii) Girl's Day (Something)
(iii) Ailee (Don't Touch Me)

Trophy Presenter : Gao Zi Qi & Chae Lim
Best Collaboration : Soyou & Junggigo (Some)

Trophy Presenter : Mike He
Style In Music : Jung Joonyoung

Performance :
(i) WINNER & Epik High (Beyond The Screen)
(ii) WINNER (Empty)
(iii) Epik High feat. Yoo Inna (Happen Ending)
(iv) Epik High feat. B.I + Song Minho WINNER + Bobby (Born Hater)

Trophy Presenter : Lee Kwang Soo & Song Ji Hyo
Best Female Group : SISTAR
Best Male Group : EXO

Performance : John Legend feat. Tiffany (SNSD) & Chen (EXO) (The Legend Continues) (Green Light)

Trophy Presenter : Tiffany
International Artist Award : John Legend

Performance : John Legend (All of Me)

Favourite Music in China : Chopstick Brothers

Trophy Presenter : Jo Se Ho & Lee Guk Joo
Best OST : Lun (My Destiny)

Presenter : Yoon Jongshin
Special Performance (Memories) : IU (Friday)(Fly. Chick)

Performance :
(i) Soyou & Junggigo
(ii) Bora & P.O
(iii) Dasom & Nam Joohyuk
(iv) Hyorin & Lee Jonghyuk

Performance : SISTAR (Touch My Body)

Trophy Presenter : Eric Tsang & Park Boyoung
Best Vocal Performance Female : Ailee (Singing Got Better)
Best Vocal Performance Male : Taeyang (Eyes, Nose, Lips)

Performance :
(i) BTS & Block B (Fight of the Century)
(ii) Zico (Though Cookie)
(iii) Rap Monster (RM)
(iv) BTS (Danger)
(v) Block B (Her)
(vi) BTS & Block B (Let's Get It Started)

Trophy Presenter : Lee Jonghyuk & Nam Joohyuk
Best Band Performance : CNBLUE (Can't Stop)

Presenter : Alan Tam
Performance : Superstar K

Performance : Infinite Spectrum (Last Romeo) (Back)

K-POP Fans' Choice Male : Infinite

Trophy Presenter : Yoon Jongshin & Kang Sora
Best Female Artist : IU
Best Male Artist : Taeyang

Performance : Yoon Eunhye & Lee Seungchul

Trophy Presenter : Alan Tam & Yoon Eunhye
Artist of the Year in Asia : EXO

Performance : 

(i) Seo Taiji feat. IU (Sogyeokdong)
(ii) Seo Taiiji (Christmalo)
(iii) Seo Taiji feat. Vasco (Come Back Home)

Trophy Presenter : Kim Jisuk
K-POP Fans' Choice Female : TaeTiSeo (Girls Generation)

Trophy Presenter : Lee Dong Wook & Yoo Inna
Best Dance Performance Male (Group) : Infinite (Last Romeo)
Best Dance Performance Female (Group) : Girl's Day (Something)

Performance : The New Age of EXO
(i) EXO(Black Pearl) (Tell Me What is Love) (Overdose)
(ii) Kai EXO (Deep of Breath)

Trophy Presenter : Kim Jihun & Oh Yeonseo
Best Rap Performance : Epik High (Happen Ending)

Trophy Presenter : Jang Dongmin & Gyeong Sujin
Best Music Video : 2PM (Go Crazy!)

Performance :
(i) Taeyang & GD (Colorize) (Good Boy) (Fantastic Baby)
(ii) Taeyang (Eyes, Nose & Lips)

The Most Popular Vocalist : IU

Trophy Presenter : Kwon Sang Woo & Choi Jin Woo
Song of the Year : Eyes, Nose, Lips (Taeyang)

Trophy Presenter : Andy Lau
Album of the year : EXO - Overdose