Thursday, April 16, 2009

Are u stylish?

I got this quiz from my fren nisha, just try it here
Honestly i'm not a stylish person, i try to be stylish when i go to work but not when i go out for shopping or other activity. Sometimes i feel like to be a stylish person but it just cannot be ...... because i feel uncomfortable if i wearing proper or stylish dress ..... for me t-shirt & jeans already comfortable for me ...... and this quiz is very true ..... here the answer that i get

You Are Not Stylish
To be honest, you think fashion is a complete waste of time.You don't really care about how you dress, and those who do are simply superficial.While you don't have to look like you stepped out of a magazine, maybe you should update your wardrobe.People treat you better when you look better. Besides, it's fun to express your personal style!

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Mrs LVoe said...

tq for be honest gal :-)