Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards delayed LIVE (without subtitle)

Currently watching 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards delayed LIVE at 8TV (ch708). Missed the LIVE show at channel M (ch390) at Astro just now.

The sow started with the dance performance by Beat Box and Dancing9. Then continue with the performance from Bobby + DOK2 + YGGR + The Qquiett + Masta Wu. The HOST for this year is actor SONG SEUNG HEON.

Trophy Presenter : Ann Jaehyeon & Park Minwoo

Best New Artist : WINNER

Trophy Presenter : Yeon Woojin & Han Groo
Best Dance Performance Solo : Sunmi (Full Moon)

Performance :
(i) Girl's Day & Ailee (Last Fantasy) (Problem)
(ii) Girl's Day (Something)
(iii) Ailee (Don't Touch Me)

Trophy Presenter : Gao Zi Qi & Chae Lim
Best Collaboration : Soyou & Junggigo (Some)

Trophy Presenter : Mike He
Style In Music : Jung Joonyoung

Performance :
(i) WINNER & Epik High (Beyond The Screen)
(ii) WINNER (Empty)
(iii) Epik High feat. Yoo Inna (Happen Ending)
(iv) Epik High feat. B.I + Song Minho WINNER + Bobby (Born Hater)

Trophy Presenter : Lee Kwang Soo & Song Ji Hyo
Best Female Group : SISTAR
Best Male Group : EXO

Performance : John Legend feat. Tiffany (SNSD) & Chen (EXO) (The Legend Continues) (Green Light)

Trophy Presenter : Tiffany
International Artist Award : John Legend

Performance : John Legend (All of Me)

Favourite Music in China : Chopstick Brothers

Trophy Presenter : Jo Se Ho & Lee Guk Joo
Best OST : Lun (My Destiny)

Presenter : Yoon Jongshin
Special Performance (Memories) : IU (Friday)(Fly. Chick)

Performance :
(i) Soyou & Junggigo
(ii) Bora & P.O
(iii) Dasom & Nam Joohyuk
(iv) Hyorin & Lee Jonghyuk

Performance : SISTAR (Touch My Body)

Trophy Presenter : Eric Tsang & Park Boyoung
Best Vocal Performance Female : Ailee (Singing Got Better)
Best Vocal Performance Male : Taeyang (Eyes, Nose, Lips)

Performance :
(i) BTS & Block B (Fight of the Century)
(ii) Zico (Though Cookie)
(iii) Rap Monster (RM)
(iv) BTS (Danger)
(v) Block B (Her)
(vi) BTS & Block B (Let's Get It Started)

Trophy Presenter : Lee Jonghyuk & Nam Joohyuk
Best Band Performance : CNBLUE (Can't Stop)

Presenter : Alan Tam
Performance : Superstar K

Performance : Infinite Spectrum (Last Romeo) (Back)

K-POP Fans' Choice Male : Infinite

Trophy Presenter : Yoon Jongshin & Kang Sora
Best Female Artist : IU
Best Male Artist : Taeyang

Performance : Yoon Eunhye & Lee Seungchul

Trophy Presenter : Alan Tam & Yoon Eunhye
Artist of the Year in Asia : EXO

Performance : 

(i) Seo Taiji feat. IU (Sogyeokdong)
(ii) Seo Taiiji (Christmalo)
(iii) Seo Taiji feat. Vasco (Come Back Home)

Trophy Presenter : Kim Jisuk
K-POP Fans' Choice Female : TaeTiSeo (Girls Generation)

Trophy Presenter : Lee Dong Wook & Yoo Inna
Best Dance Performance Male (Group) : Infinite (Last Romeo)
Best Dance Performance Female (Group) : Girl's Day (Something)

Performance : The New Age of EXO
(i) EXO(Black Pearl) (Tell Me What is Love) (Overdose)
(ii) Kai EXO (Deep of Breath)

Trophy Presenter : Kim Jihun & Oh Yeonseo
Best Rap Performance : Epik High (Happen Ending)

Trophy Presenter : Jang Dongmin & Gyeong Sujin
Best Music Video : 2PM (Go Crazy!)

Performance :
(i) Taeyang & GD (Colorize) (Good Boy) (Fantastic Baby)
(ii) Taeyang (Eyes, Nose & Lips)

The Most Popular Vocalist : IU

Trophy Presenter : Kwon Sang Woo & Choi Jin Woo
Song of the Year : Eyes, Nose, Lips (Taeyang)

Trophy Presenter : Andy Lau
Album of the year : EXO - Overdose

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