Sunday, December 23, 2012

KBS Entertainment Awards 2012 winners

Rookie Award Comedy Division (Female):Park So Young (Gag Concert - Mind Blowing School) Rookie Award Comedy Division (Male): Kim Gi Ri (Gag Concert - Discovery of Life & Uncomfortable Truth) 

Rookie Award Show/Variety Division (Female): Suzy (Invincible Youth Season 2)  
Rookie Award Show/Variety Division (Male):
(i)  Joo Won (Happy Sunday - 2Days1Night Season2) 
(ii) Joo Sang Wook (Happy Sunday - Qualifications of Men)

Scriptwriter Award Comedy Division: Jo Ye Hyun (Gag Concert - Uncomfortable Truth)
Scriptwriter Award Show/Variety Division: Choi Jae Hyung (Happy Sunday - 2Days1Night Season2)

Radio DJ Award: Lee Hyun Woo (Lee Hyun Woo's Music Album)  

Best Idea Award: Gag Concert - Brave Guys

Special Award: Kim Yong Ho (Head of Editing for Variety Shows)
Best Entertainer Award Infotainment Division: Shin Hyun Joon (Entertainment Weekly)
Best Entertainer Award Music Show Division: Yoo Hui Yeol (Yoo Hui Yeol's Sketchbook)
Best Entertainer Award Show/Variety Division: Cha Tae Hyun (Happy Sunday - 2Days1Night Season2) 

Best Teamwork Award: Happy Sunday - Qualifications of Men

Best Cameo: Suzy (Cameoed in Gag Concert)

Achievement Award: The late Kim In Hyeob (Music Coordinator for Nationwide Singing Contest)

Excellence Award Comedy Division (Female): Kim Ji Min (Gag Concert - Uncomfortable Truth & Beggar's Dignity)
Excellence Award Comedy Division (Male): Heo Kyung Hwan (Gag Concert - Beggar's Dignity & 4 Things) & Jung Tae Ho (Gag Concert - Brave Guys & Lady Jung)
Excellence Award Show/Variety Division (Female): Hwang Shin Hye (Sitcom: Family)
Excellence Award Show/Variety Division (Male): Cultwo - Jung Chan Woo & Kim Tae Kyun (Hello)

Top Excellence Award Comedy Division (Female): 

  Shin Bora (Gag Concert - Discovery of Life & Brave Guys)
Top Excellence Award Comedy Division (Male): 

  Kim Joon Hyun (Gag Concert - Discovery of Life & 4 Things)

Top Excellence Award Show/Variety Division (Female): 

  Lee Yeong Ja (Hello & Invincible Youth Season 2)
Top Excellence Award Show/Variety Division (Male):                  

  Kim Seung Woo (Win Win & 2Days1Night Season2)

Viewer's Choice Best Program Award: Gag Concert

Grand Award: Shin Dong Yeob (Hello & Immortal Song 2)

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