Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 KBS Drama Award (Live)

Last night i update this result during i'm watching the award. Sorry if at first there is empty here and there. Congratulation to all the winners!!

One-Act Special Excellence Actor:
(i) Choi Soo Jong (For My Son)
(ii) Lee Hee Joon (Cupid Factory)

One-Act Special Excellence Actress:
(i) Eugene (Princess Hwapyung's Weight Loss)
(ii) Han Eun Jung (400 Year Dream)

Youth Actor: Park Hee Gun (Ojakgyo Brothers)
Youth Actress: Kim Hwan Hee (I Believe in Love)

Popularity Award:

(i) Park Shi Hoo (Princess Man)
(ii) Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High)
Moon Chae Won (Princess Man)
(iv) Han Hye Jin (Thorn Birds)

Best Rookie Actor:
(i) Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High)
(ii) Lee Jang Woo (Man of Honor, Smile Donghae, Human Casino)
(iii) Joo Won (Ojakgyo Brothers)
Best Rookie Actress:
(i) Suzy (Dream High)
(ii) UEE (Ojakgyo Brothers)

Writer Award: Lee Jung Sun (Ojakgyo Brothers)

Best Supporting Actor: Jung Woong In (Ojakgyo Brothers)
Best Supporting Actress:
(i) Park Jung Hwa (Smile Donghae, Only You, Woman from Olle Road)
(ii) Lee Yoon Ji (Dream High, Terminal)

Netizen Award:
Shin Ha Gyun (Brain)
Choi Jung Won (Brain)

Best Couple:
(i) Kim Soo Hyun & Suzy (Dream High)
(ii) Shin Ha Gyun & Choi Jung Won (Brain)
(iii) Ryu Soo Young & Choi Jung Yoon (Ojakgyo Brothers)
(iv) Park Shi Hoo & Moon Chae Won (Princess Man)
(v) Lee Min Woo & Hong Soo Hyun (Princess Man)

Daily Drama Excellence Actor: Ji Chang Wook (Smile Donghae)
Daily Drama Excellence Actress:

Miniseries Excellence Actor:
(i) Jung Jin Yong (Brain)
(ii) Daniel Choi (Baby-Faced Beauty)
Miniseries Excellence Actress: Jang Nara (Baby-Faced Beauty)

Short Term Drama(Novella) Excellence Actor: Chun Jung Myung (Man of Honor)
Short Term Drama(Novella) Excellence Actress:
(i) Park Min Young (Man of Honor)
(ii) Hong Soo Hyun (Princess Man)

Long Term Drama Excellence Actor: Lee Tae Gon (King Gwanggaetoh The Great)
Long Term Drama Excellence Actress: Kim Ja Ok (Ojakgyo Brothers)

Top Excellence Actor:
Park Shi Hoo (Princess Man)
Top Excellence Actress: Moon Chae Won (Princess Man)

Shin Ha Gyun (Brain)

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