Monday, March 30, 2009

CTFL Training

my place during the training

Starting from today i like to try my best to write in English. To improve my english i guess this is the best way. I hope if anyone who read my blog please do help me to improve my english. Do not feel scared to inform me if i'm wrong.

Ok, its a quite long time i didn't wrote down anything in this blog. I'm quite busy lately. Busy with work & life. Another thing my brother borrowed my notebook. Its quite difficult for me then to updating this blog.

Today 30th Mac, i'm attending CTFL training. Its a 4 days course at Prince Hotel, KL. Later i should be taken its exam on this coming Friday (wish me luck). I carpool with 4 of my colleague. I'm driving of course because i'm the one who expert the way to KL hehe (angkat bakul sendiri nampak). Its quite a tiring journey. Traffic Jem everywhere in KL.

My trainer is Mr Wonil Kwon from Korea. Its quite a full attendees for this class. I guess there is 24 of us came from various company and not all of us is a tester. My first impression about this trainer, i guess he guite good in training and he help us a lot. Important think he knews how to attract us. Many new things about testing i will learn from this course. I advice to anyone who attending CTFL for the next batch, please do study the syllabus before the course started. Don't be like me, i wish i can turn back time & can read the syllabus before attending this training. But its impossible right, now i just can try my best to study within this 4 days & pass the exam. Wish me all the best.

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tester said...

i learned new words that week also :
- test stratij (strategy)
- test moduer (module)
- wijrd (result)
- god (guard) test case